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Ihsan (sufism) is freeing the nafs from this prison which we build by our attachment, fears, love of this dunya etc.


We are seeking the truth for the rest of us. this is blantant insight, my thought, my journeys. the way i feel thing and the way i sees thing, feel free to have a comment or drop some words. enjoy duren!.

banyak ketidaksempurnaan dalam penulisan ini semoga dapat dimaklumi...karena Allah merubah saya setiap saat...jadi enjoy aja! ambil apa yang baik-benar disini dan buang yang tidak baik...


The Sufis rejoice when a mumin dies because he had done his job and pleased with Allah. When a baby is born, they-sufis are grieved because he is going to face a test of his life. Those who remembers Allah is alive and those who forgot Him are already dead although outwardly they are alive.

Sayyidina Umar r.a. said : Die before you die. It means you must have the knowledge of death which is about the power, decree and secret of Allah’s action while we are alive before facing the real death and ready for Akhirah. Each person build a prison around him while living. The dunya can be a prison if we don’t see its power that masters over the self-nafs. By that we are veiled from the knowledge of Allah.

Tasawwuf is freeing the nafs from this prison which we build by our attachment, fears, love..etc. The awliya has no fear because they already went through this matter in the Path

The kafirun hides the news of death. They feel at loss. They don’t know what to do. They fear it and attributed it to worldly causality..this and that events. For the muslims, it is entirely a matter of the Decree of Allah, the Giver of Life and Taker of Death. It does not matter how things are going our way before we die if we accepted our destiny. To live, worship, obey and love Allah Taala. We are all journeying toward our own death and meeting with Him.


Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun..al-Fatihah.. Telah berpulang ke Rahmatullah ayah saya Asril bin Boerhanuddin SH bin achmad datuk tumenggung bin Imam Bonjol bin Syarif Bayanuddin, dalam usia 72 tahun, suami, ayahanda, adik, paman dan kakek kami tercinta, lahir di Payakumbuh, 19 April 1935 - wafat di Jakarta kamis menjelang Jum’at, 11 Oktober 2007, jam 15.50

act now!

The great Act of spiritual jihad in our times is no longer the inner purification of the heart but the purification of the outer, manifest arena of our everyday lives. As Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi has made clear on numerous occasions, it is no benefit to aspire to spiritual purity if the very place one is standing in is swilling filth. The filth is usuary and all that pertains to usury, in short the banking system and all its devious practices.



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Well nothing is coincidence to meet all of you in this place! we've met before but you forgot it! find the way to your sources..your own heart! then you will see the majesty. dhikir-fikr and Himma!..


For those who travel to Allah and do not listen to its conversation or follow its opinion, it is like a strong wind released for sailors. In one hour, it makes them arrive whereas others arrive there after a month or a year. Allah knows best. When someone halts with conversation and opinion, by Allah, he ramains becalmed, at a standstill, as occurs to sailors. Such is its nature. We think that the one who leaves what does not concern him will find that the least of means is enough for him. If he does not leave it, nonthing will be enough for him, no matter what he does.

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